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Anyone in the mood for sunny-side up eggs? 😜⠀

Our Matilija Poppy, or “fried egg plant”, just bloomed at the UP office, and we couldn’t be more excited. This awesome SoCal #perennial has the largest #flower of any CA #nativeplant, and is a great addition to your landscaping. Once established, this plant will no longer need irrigation, and will simply live off of rainwater, offering you gorgeous blooms resembling fried eggs when active, and giving back by nourishing local wildlife when dormant.

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Surprised to see these #wintersquashes on your screen? Summer and winter squashes are actually both planted in #spring! “Winter” squashes get their misnomer because they take longer to grow, are #harvested late in the summer season or early fall, and have a much longer shelf life with their thick skins. If you want to enjoy #pumpkins and delicious squashes this fall, get those seeds in the ground ASAP! ...

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#Lavender is a garden gift that keeps on giving! These gorgeous buds attract #pollinators like #bees, improving your #harvests. Once picked, you can use lavender in everything from lemonade to bath salts. Get #growing! 🐝 ...

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#Garden Tip Tuesday!⠀

Looking to grow in a smaller space? Pots and window boxes are great options, but they hold less #soil, so they require more frequent watering. How do you know when it's time for a good soak? Stick your finger about 2" deep into the soil--if it's damp, you can hold off, but if it's dry, it's time to break out the watering can! 💦

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#Garden Tip Tuesday!⠀
Once a #tomatoplant is large enough, consider planting shade-tolerant crops beneath it! #Lettuce is a great option, and will enjoy the break from the #sun your tomatoes provide! 🍅 🌱

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Our corporate #gardens never cease to amaze! Since 2012, we've harvested over 38 TONS of #organicfruitsandveggies from 3 @are_sandiego locations. These goodies go straight to on-site restaurants and employee farm stands. Talk about corporate perks! ...

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We're settling into Spring now, which means it's time to plant your favorite #melon! We hope you have as much fun #harvesting them as our UP #farmers do 🍉 ...

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Whether it's getting lost in the gorgeous leaves of this tatsoi plant, digging our hands into fresh #soil, or simply spending time outdoors in the #garden, we are forever grateful for the beauty and abundance from mother earth. ⠀

Everyday is #EarthDay at UP, and we hope you find a way to safely enjoy celebrating this one from home! 🌎

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Farming in the time of COVID-19 may look a little different, but we're more thankful than ever for the opportunity to share this #harvest with those in need. We appreciate our friends at @are_sandiego for helping us donate 75 lbs of fresh produce to our local community through @feedingsandiego! ...

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These #rainbowcarrots aren't just visually beautiful, they're also a fun way to encourage your kids to eat their #veggies! 🌈 San Diegans should get these beauties in the ground as the weather warms in Spring, or starts to cool at the end of Summer. ...

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We could all use a little more #calm these days. We present: 30 seconds worth of #ediblegarden tranquility for your Thursday afternoon! ...

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In an ever-changing world, we're thankful for the grounding constants of #soil, #plants, and the recent arrival of #spring. Which means it's time to refresh that #ediblegarden!⠀

As you spend more time at home these coming weeks, we want to share our best practices for prepping your garden with #warmweathercrops! Link in bio ⬆️

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Ever wondered what it might take to put together your own #ediblegarden? There's no time like the present to start planning, with the help of some of our favorite experts. Don't miss UP Senior Farmer and Lead Designer, Jazz, as he chats with @chefmarcela about all things #homegardening! They'll be going LIVE today, 4/5, at 6pm pst--head over to @chefmarcela's page to check it out. ...

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Don't mind us as we daydream about warmer weather, and #spring and #summer crops, like this tasty #eggplant line-up! ⠀

Would you like to be #harvesting your own #fruits and #veggies under blue skies this year? Get started on your #ediblegarden now! Click the link in bio to learn more from our #gardenexperts. We look forward to #growing with you!

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These Easter Egg #Radishes are looking lovely fresh out of the ground, but we think they'll look even lovelier incorporated into this recipe:⠀

- Place radishes in a casserole dish⠀
- Cover with a mixture of 4 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp butter⠀
- Roast at 400 degrees for around 15-30 minutes, until tender⠀
- Sprinkle with preferred seasonings, but we recommend a little lemon zest, salt and pepper!⠀

We don't know about you, but our mouths are watering already... 😋

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