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Don't mind us as we daydream about warmer weather, and #spring and #summer crops, like this tasty #eggplant line-up! ⠀

Would you like to be #harvesting your own #fruits and #veggies under blue skies this year? Get started on your #ediblegarden now! Click the link in bio to learn more from our #gardenexperts. We look forward to #growing with you!

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These Easter Egg #Radishes are looking lovely fresh out of the ground, but we think they'll look even lovelier incorporated into this recipe:⠀

- Place radishes in a casserole dish⠀
- Cover with a mixture of 4 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp butter⠀
- Roast at 400 degrees for around 15-30 minutes, until tender⠀
- Sprinkle with preferred seasonings, but we recommend a little lemon zest, salt and pepper!⠀

We don't know about you, but our mouths are watering already... 😋

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Today is #NationalSeedSwapDay! This day celebrates coming together as #growers and #farmers to share excess seeds or unique varieties with other members of the community! ⠀

Whether you're hunting for a rare #heritage seed, or simply have an excess of #dill to share (as pictured here ⬆️ ), this is the perfect day to find a local #seedswap event and get started!

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Looking for a unique way to spruce up your #veggiegarden? We suggest incorporating these gorgeous #edibleflowers! ⠀

These #violas offer a mild, sweet taste, and are eye-catching on and off the plate!

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No backyard? No problem! This downtown #SanDiego balcony boasts one of our favorite #ediblegardens!⠀

A little creativity and some help from your resident UP #urbanfarming experts can go a long way toward giving you the garden and #harvests of your dreams! Click the link in bio to learn more!

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We recently stumbled upon these #swallowtail caterpillars feasting in the #garden!⠀

These #creepycrawlers will soon become butterflies, one of our favorite #pollinators, so we're willing to part with a few greens here and there while waiting for spring! 🦋

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We've entered a brand new decade, grow into it with us! Start #2020 with an #ediblegarden that's tailored to fit:⠀

🌱 Your Unique Space⠀
🌱 Your #Organic #Fruit and #Veggie Preferences⠀
🌱 Your #Sustainability Goals⠀

Learn more at the link in bio, and tell us what you wish was growing in your backyard below! ⬇️

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Even cooler temps can't bring us down with #harvests like this to perk us up! #Citrus, #lettuce, #herbs and more, all from our #wintergardens. ⠀

Are you enjoying fresh #fruits and #veggies this season?

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We're so proud of our UP team! We recently caught up with #farmer extraordinaire, Ariana, to chat about her experience at the #BIPOCFarmers Immersion event last spring. You won’t want to miss all of the details on this event!⠀

Check the link in bio for the full interview! ⬆️

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A #NewYear approaches, and these photogenic #seedlings are ready to meet it! New life and new harvests await. ✨⠀

From our UP #farmer family to yours, we wish you the best 2020 has to offer!

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Veggie #TriviaTuesday! Can anyone guess what variety of #radish these beauties are? We love their vibrant color and slightly sweeter taste! ...

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Happy #FirstDayofWinter! We're celebrating with classic SoCal #wintercrops like these red potatoes, which are showing off their vibrant holiday colors just in time for the season!⠀

What's your favorite cold-weather crop? Share in the comments below! ⤵️

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You've made your bed...now grow in it! That's how the saying goes, right?⠀

We can't get enough of this #ediblegarden our #farmers cooked up for a new client. We see many delicious #harvests in their future! 🌱

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When it comes to your #ediblegarden, climate matters! These gorgeous #onions are a cold-weather #crop for us in San Diego, thanks to our mild winters. In many other parts of the country, these beauties will go into the ground in #spring! ⠀

Keep your local ecosystem in mind, and check in with your friendly Urban Plantations experts for successful #harvests all year long!

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A cabbage by any other name... you're looking at a #pakchoi harvest, though you may know it by its more commonly used name, #bokchoy! Or maybe you've heard one if its other nicknames, like horse's ear 🐴 ⠀

Whatever you call it, we like it best in a delicious stir fry. How do you cook with pak choi?

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#Carrots don't just come in a variety of colors 🌈 , they're also packed with an array of nutritional benefits! Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin K are all hiding in these delicious #rootvegetables, and now is the perfect time to get them in the ground. Happy Planting! ...

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